Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manhattan, KS

So this week has been going by crazy fast.  Kansas has been anything but flat and boring... although some of it has been flat.  Its very quaint out here.  Its nice seeing parts of the country that are untouched by Wal-Mart.  Yesterday we were in a town called Clay Center and something seemed odd to me.  I finally figured it out; I saw a Wendy's.  It had been so long since we passed a fast food joint that it just caught me off guard.  We are definitely nearing more populated areas again.  Its funny how you don't realize how fast the rest of the world is moving when you spend every day going on average 15 mph.
The rides continue to be hot.  This is what a typical day looks like for me.  Wake up at 4, do morning chores, eat breakfast, ride my bike with food breaks, arrive at destination around noonish, collapse on my mat and sleep until dinner, eat dinner, go back to sleep... and repeat.  I literally just eat, bike, and sleep.
With that said, goodnight world.

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