Friday, July 8, 2011

Good News

Currently I (Martha) am in Colorado Springs catching a little R&R with my brother and his wife this weekend.  This also provided time to go see a doctor and have my flesh wound looked at.  After a very nervous half hour of sitting in the doctor's office, I received some tremendous news; my leg has healed enough to the point where the doc didn't see any objections for me to start riding again.  Praise be to God!  I don't think I have been more ecstatic this whole summer than in this moment!  In less than two weeks my leg has closed up without any infection or other complication.
It was a long week and a half leading up to this point.  I definitely learned a lot about patience and humility.  And once again, I am just humbled and in awe of the power of prayer.  I am so grateful that God has let me continue this incredible experience.  I am so grateful to all you, who are keeping track of my progress and praying for my quick recovery.  And I am so so so so thankful for my other FCBA team members who have done nothing but given me positive support with their smiling faces and eagerness to assist me, even when they themselves are tired from long days of biking.
A passage that has meant a lot to me these past couple days is Psalm 84 and I highly recommend it to those who might be struggling with anything.  It's such a good reminder of where our hearts should be in times of confusion.
I will be spending the remainder of the weekend here in Colorado Springs with my brother and his wife, and will rejoin the group on Tuesday on their day off here.  I will start biking Wednesday morning.  Right now I'm thinking I will probably start off slowly by just biking portions of the day, but I'm hoping a week from now, Lord willing, I will be back in full force.  Continued prayer is as always much appreciated.
In other news, everyone should be impressed with the Smith boys.  They have moved mountains this week... or moved over them would be more accurate.  It was no easy task.  The air has once again gotten thin and the climbs a steep and long... and they don't even make up half the day.  Today they will be reaching Idaho Springs, CO and tomorrow they will be in Denver where they get a day off... I will do my best into getting one of them to blog so you can hear more in depth stories about their adventures.
Love to all!

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