Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Craig, CO

We're finally in Colorado!!! It's crazy how fast this is going for us. I wish that it was one of the boys was updating this instead of me since my riding has consisted of lots and lots of van time; however I'll give you the best update I can.
Utah was very dry for the most part. We saw a little bit of desert and some amazing landscape.

Yesterday we stayed in the small small town of Dinosaur, CO, population: 335. The road to Dinosaur was littered with intense prairie dog road kill and very high temperatures. It was a pretty extinct looking town, except for an awesome homemade ice-cream place next to a gas station (which Blake visited 3 times in one day). I'm pretty sure the only thing the kids from this town learn about is dinosaurs. We celebrated the July 4th with hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, sparklers, and a few fireworks provided by the town. Over all a success.
View from Dinosaur, CO
Today the cyclists traveled over 80 miles to Craig, CO. This is much more lively than Dinosaur... but that doesn't take much. The weather was over cast for most of the day and there were a few light rain showers. This was probably a nice break from the intense heat we have been experiencing lately. Tomorrow, we will have our second build day here in Craig. Any day off the saddle of the bike is welcomed... unless its multiple days... in which case you would give your right leg to get back on... wait a second... that's what got me into this mess to begin with ;).
Injury update is... well it's not infected which I am very grateful for. I was hoping to get my stitches out here in Craig, but I still don't believe its quite ready. I'm doing my best to keep my head up. I got the two best boys in the world giving me all their support, along with a very awesome team. Continued prayer is much appreciative. I am off the crutches, but a little over eager to start using my leg. Patience is definitely one of the lessons coming away from this.
We are so thrilled with what the three of us have already accomplished. We are loving seeing this beautiful country and amazed at how tough we actually are, mentally and physically.

Boys after 100 miler day


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  2. LOVE that last pic! (and all the previous ones) but Martha, why aren't you in it, too? :P

  3. Aww thanks :). Because of my recent injury I haven't been riding so I'm not quite as exhausted at the end of the day.

  4. Ah I see. :) That makes sense. I was so sorry to read about your accident, but I've been keeping you specially in my prayers. Hope you get well and feel better soon! (With two comedians there to help you, I'm sure you're not having too much difficulty staying positive ;)