Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Final Countdown

June is here!
After months of praying and hoping and some more praying, the send off date is more real than ever to us riders.  We could not be more excited (and slightly nervous) about our expedition.  Early on June 10, we will board a plane in Richmond that will connect us to New York and then catch another plane that will carry us to Seattle, WA where we will meet up with all the other adventurous riders.
This won't be the last of our thank you's, but we don't want to miss an opportunity to say it.  Thank you so very much to everyone who has been backing us up for the last six months.  There is no way we could have gotten to where we have without the support of God, our family and friends.  We are just completely amazed and grateful for how so many people have taken an interest in our project and we hope we can make all of you proud this summer as we go out and witness for Christ and spread the housing ministry of the Fuller Center.
It feels like a life time ago when Blake and Martha sat down and even considered making such a trip possible.  We were so thrilled when Patrick decided to join us.  As bikers, we have definitely grown a lot since our spring break trip back at the beginning of March.  Pedaling has almost become more natural than walking.  Martha's car broke down on the side of the road this past weekend and she never wanted her bike more in her life.
We hope all of you who have been so dedicated to follow and support us will continue to follow us this summer on the blog.  We will had a lap top, and we all have our cell phones to help us stay in touch.  Its hard to tell right now how frequently we can update the blog, but we will as often as possible and try to include a couple pictures.
Thank you again to everyone!

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