Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yard Sale Success

A huge thank you to everyone who donated items to the ginormous yard sale hosted by St. Stephen's Anglican yesterday!  It was a long and hot day for the individuals who sat out in the sun to promote and sell the yard sale.  Thank you to the people who came and supported us by either shopping, giving donations, and brought us lunch (Donna Soule).  A special thank you to Tim Lewis and Randy Smith who helped out tremendously with the hard labor before and after the yard sale.  Even though the yard sale wasn't supposed to start till 8 am and end at 1 pm, we had shoppers as early as 7:30 am and as late as 3:00 pm.  We were all thrilled by the great turn out.  We made a profit of $2,148!!!
Our final fundraising effort will be at the Strawberry Festival this coming Saturday in Heathsville.  We will be selling greeting cards, photography curtsy of Lynn :)
Here are the five different kinds we will be selling for $5 each...

If you are going to be unable to make the Strawberry Festival and would still like to purchase a card, please contact Martha Joslyn at and we will set them aside for you.  There is a limited supply, so order sooner, rather than later.  If there are any left over from Saturday, May 28, we will blog and let everyone know.

Thanks again for all of your support!  Ride on!!!

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