Monday, June 13, 2011

Skykomish, WA

We traveled 35 miles today towards the Cascades to a small town called Skykomish. When I say it's small, I'm not exaggerating. As of the 2010 census there is approximately 198 people who populate this town. The people are really welcoming and hospitable. Currently we are being lodged in a Masonic lodge. All 30 some of us are staying in one room. The nice part about this is that it means we're warm, which currently it is not outside. It rained during our entire ride today and the average temperature was in the 50's. We saw some beautiful mountains and the most incredible raging river. Everything is so green and the air is so fresh. Prayers are needed for tomorrow especially because we will be pedaling 70 miles, half of which will be a steep incline up the mountain.

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