Monday, July 9, 2012

Well what happened to June?

Hello blog viewers out there in cyberspace!  If this is your first time checking out the blog I welcome you, and invite you to stay awhile, make yourself at home!  

This is Blake Smith!  ..Or as my friends call me "The Amazing Blake Smith!"  I am taking over the blog for the Fuller Center Bike Adventure this Summer!  

So let's recap the past couple months!

Sophomore year of college finally came to an end for me in May!

Also in May Martha Joslyn finished college completely and graduated from Bridgewater College!

So the three musketeers were at it again!
We began fundraising in May, speaking at our church (St. Stephen's Anglican) and other churches including a great congregation at Henderson!  We also sent out letters to just about every church address for the Northern Neck we could find!
In May Patrick was hired to be a sales associate at Bose!  Which changed his week ride to a two day trek from Alexandria VA- Williamsburg VA (170 miles!)

The plan began that Martha and I would bike the West Coast, while Patrick had signed up for a week on the East Coast!  However, the real "adult" world seems to get in the way of hobbies and adventures sometimes!

In June Martha was hired to do medical research in Richmond and had to begin her job ASAP!     She was however, able to join the East Coast ride prior to finding out this information, and did   about six days from Tappahannock VA- Myrtle Beach SC (Over 400 miles!)

Both are doing very well and living the dream!

As for me?
Well I will not be alone or without friends this summer! 
In March I met a spectacular young woman and convinced her to join the ride this summer!  
Sarah Robbins
I don't know if she realizes what she's in for this summer!  But it'll be an adventure!  
Ryan Iafigliola (bike adventure founder) once said- "Adventure is hardships remembered."
We will definitely be having some hardships on this ride!

The ride officially begins on July 13th, 2012! 
I drove a van from Virginia to Rexburg, Idaho for a woman from my church, and to help get me out West without the expense of flying!
Photo: And Blake begins his amazing adventure to Idaho :-)  

So after driving about 3,000 miles and seeing our beautiful country, I am now spending the next few days with my good friends the Purses, and then catching a ride with the Fuller Center support van to Seattle, WA (if Allen ever calls me back!) to start the ride!
And on one other note!  My laptop has been giving me a white screen!  So I am going to have to send it in to be fixed and may not have it for part of the ride, so I will do my best to update the blog without my own computer!  But be praying that it has a speedy recovery!

Thanks for reading!  More when we land in Seattle!

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