Monday, July 16, 2012

Let the Fuller Center Bike Adventure ride begin!

On Friday July 13th the group of riders all joined together in Seattle to meet and start the month long trek to San Diego to help end poverty housing! We all met at Fauntleroy Church in West Seattle, it is the only church in the country that is a church and a YMCA! After a quick orientation and piecing together bikes we hit the night light in Seattle, seeing downtown sights such as Pike's seafood market, the gum wall, and some riders even went to the Marioners game! We all bonded over dinner and a nice sunset on the Puget Sound! On Saturday we all bonded together over a 13 mile practice ride through Seattle! It was a great experience and we snagged a nice photo over the Sound with the space needle in the background, it's orange for its 50th anniversary I believe! I may have gotten a little lost on the return ride,but easily found my way to the church and then a shower! Afterwards we returned to University Christian Church for a lasagna dinner!(this was the church we started the ride last years at!) Followed by some ice cream and a van ride back to Fauntleroy! Sunday morning we woke late, 8:30am, had breakfast and attended the church service! We spoke in church and talked to many of the congregation afterwards! The sermon was about David dancing for God, at one point the whole congregation was doing the homie pokie! We got together at 1 and started the ride with a prayer and a picture! Then headed to Tacoma, WA about 38 miles away! We rested and had potatoes for dinner! Then this morning we woke up at 5:30am and started riding at 6:30am! Tired yet focused we pushed onward, passing through a beautiful bike trail and arriving in Chihalis, WA 58 miles forward! We had a delicious meal of lasagna provided by Faith Baptist Church and they even let me finish off the ice cream! After some good times, new friends and a relaxing evening of a sunset, we are just about ready to hit the hay! I tied to upload some pictures into the blog this time, but was unable to do so with Geezer Tom Webers iPad! But hopefully we will have it figured out by next time! Well until the next blog! Have a greats ride readers! Truly, The Amazing Blake Smith!

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