Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Amazing Blake Smith Returns

I got a very important phone call the other night from none other than Mr. Blake E. Smith.  He informed me that he would be making sure I didn't get into any trouble this summer and be accompanying me down the West Coast.

For those of you who don't know the Amazing Blake Smith let me give you some background information.  Blake Smith is a world renown adventurer.   His most famous accomplishments are swimming across the Rappahannock River... in the middle of a storm, running 4 (coming up on his 5th) marathons up and down the East Coast, biking 3,600 miles across the country, and beating any odd there is to be beat.  I've adventured with him before and he is on the top of my list of people to be stuck on an island with.

If you're wondering where his star twin Patrick is, not to worry.  Patrick is getting ready to go out into the world and do bigger and better things.  He has generously dedicated his time to FCBA this year by helping to plan and coordinate the East Coast ride (more on that later).

Last year the three of us were able to help raise over 10,000 dollars for the Fuller Center.  We were completely blow away by all the support we received and we got to work on job sites and see directly where the money we raised was going.

While this year our minimum goal is to raise $6,000, we are raising money for a grass roots organization that does incredible things in this country and abroad and it would be ridiculous to put a limit on that.  I would love to see us meet last year's amount again.  Currently we have $150 dollars raised, which is a good start.  Remember, donating is not the only way to support us.  Prayer is the biggest contributor by far.

Here is a map of what the West Coast ride will look like this summer

In the meantime, spring break is upon most of us college kids and so I will be returning to the Northern Neck for a brief period of time.  Look out for cyclists in the coming week (actually always look out for them) because it's most likely me trying to kick my bike back into shape.  Obviously I'm always in shape.

Look for adventure in unexpected places.
<3 Martha Joslyn

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