Monday, April 4, 2011

Facebook, donations, and more!

The blog has not even been up for three days and we have already started to raise money and have gotten lots of positive feedback.  All three of us are very excited at how fast this is taking off!  Be sure to find us on facebook and like our page!
Due to comments concerning the security of online donations, you will find on the side bar direct links to Blake, Martha, and Patrick's bike profiles and donation links on the Fuller Center website.  There is also a mailing address that can be found on the facebook page under info.
For those of you who still unsure exactly what out mission is here is a little more information:

Inspired by the walks of 700, 1,000, and 1,200 miles led by Millard and Linda Fuller in the 1980's, the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure was born in 2008 by a Notre Dame graduate as a way to invite more people into our affordable housing movement. Our fourth annual ride in 2011 from Washington state to Washington, D.C. will cover 3,600 miles over 60 days, averaging 75 miles/day and including seven build days.  
Why do we ride? It's pretty simple:
1. To spread the word about our ministry
2. To raise money for its work
3. To develop new partners along the way
The result is that the homes of real people get built and renovated, the movement expands and all involved grow in faith, hope and love. The impact is larger than we'll ever know.

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